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Tuesday November 08, 05

Krisis in Kansas

05:08 PM

Imagine the horror -- you are a certified biology teacher. You hold a Masters degree in microbiology. You went to school for 6 years and are still paying off those student loans -- five years after graduating. The pay is shit, for your teaching position in the urban school district, in Kansas. But, this is your home state. All your family resides here. You have a wife and children. You love teaching. You love science; it is your passion.

Then, November 8th rolls around (today) and the dimwit's on The Kansas State Board Of Education vote 6 to 4 to approve the proposal to require the teaching of intelligent design. (Intelligent design is a version of creationism and is clearly a religious doctrine and not a scientific principle, theory or even a hypothesis.)

Your life is over, as you know it. You will now be teaching religion in a federally/state-funded public school. What the fuck happened to the Establishment Clause?! You ask yourself, Is this for real?! Am I having a nightmare?! Will I have to take Bible study classes in order to renew my teacher's certification?!

Holy Moly, the religious right has taken Kansas hostage! Your state may be next.


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  • Let's see what happens in VA and NJ tonight. If the Rs's over.

    Lon -- Tuesday November 08 2005, @05:37PM (#185024)
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