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Tuesday November 08, 05

When did Matt Lauer become a sex symbol?

08:59 AM

I must have been sleeping when Matt Lauer from the Today Show became a sex symbol. If anyone has not tuned in this morning, but still can, it is worth a look. The last hour of the show features Matt broadcasting from Panama. Just look at those tight designer pants he is sporting. Or rather, try not to look. I don't think I heard one word he was saying. He wiggled and and I giggled. It was the strangest display of male sexuality that I have seen in a while, if ever. I mean, we are all used to a woman's sexuality being marketed and exploited to sell products and information. But witnessing it modeled by the male sex, well it was new, original, odd... and what a strange spokesman to test the market. Eye candy at 7:00 a.m. is just too much for a night owl like me. Horny housewives, executives, and students beware... you have been warned, informed... tune in or try to tune out. One thing is for certain, there is no going back. We have turned a new leaf. One question remains though. Today, Matt was in Panama. But, where in the world will he be tomorrow? And, a better question still, is... what the hell will he be wearing???

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