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Sunday October 30, 05

I want...

11:22 AM
  • to bask in the warm sunshine on a white-sand beach

    to be ten again and play in the surf with my brother

    to collect little critters from along the shoreline

    to build a wet-sand-droppings sandcastle using a styrofoam cup, lots of sea water, and beach sand -- an invention of my sister's

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  • Hi, I think I befriended you :) sorry to see your journal is not reflecting happiness at the moment, I hope writing about it makes you feel better, that's why I started mine, so I can have a good rant and get rid of stuff that's cluttering my head, which I don't want to tell people around me about as it will bore them or annoy them. Anyway I'm rambling and I don't know you from Adam but I hope you're feeling better as you read this. And as for the guilt, at least you feel guilt for whateve happened, if it's your fault it shows you are human (and you need to be loved...!) and if it is actually not your fault, then it shows you are considerate and wear you heart on your sleve, which can only ever be a good thing. Anyway hope my verbal diorrhea helped a bit. :)
    xXx_Mrs_Moz_xXx -- Sunday October 30 2005, @04:26PM (#183596)
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    "The Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich, Samuel Morse invented the Morse Code & Plato invented the plate"
    • Re:hello! by realitybites (Score:1) Sunday October 30 2005, @06:00PM
  • Last night I dreamnt of the beach and lapping, azure water and white, soft sand. Do you think this is a good dream given the current turmoil in my life, Jehne?. What has been going on with you. Are you OK?. Gav left today, I am a little teary and know tonight will be sad for me.
    LizzieCat -- Sunday October 30 2005, @05:45PM (#183606)
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    Mrs Forman

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