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Saturday October 15, 05

Movies that have moved me

09:00 PM

I love movies. Today I was trying to recall the films that I have seen that have really stirred my emotions the most profoundly. These are the ones I can think of so far. Also, I gave a brief description of the emotions that I experienced or what I learnt about the human condition by watching each film.

  • The Elephant Man -- Human kindness and cruelty, exploitation, courage.

    Betty Blue -- Passion, mental illness, love.

    Ordinary People -- Rejection, anger, self-centeredness, compassion.

    Sophie's Choice -- Guilt, resentment, passion, anger, commitment, loyalty, friendship, evilness.

    Fried Green Tomatoes -- Loss, racism, identity, power struggles, love, friendship, courage, determination.

    Philadelphia -- Ignorance, fear, discrimination, friendship, passion, family, acceptance, love, courage.

    Titanic -- Class conflict, ignorance, snobbery, passion, lust, strength, loss, healing.

    Feel free to share with us the movies that have moved you. How so?

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