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Friday October 07, 05

I'm going for a walk!

11:33 AM

Gasping! What???

"Tis true. And, I am bringing a tiny purse to hold all my gathered treasures. I'll let you know what I find, k?!

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  • As you may have guessed, I am an indoors kinda girl. I was almost killed by two vicious dogs. OK, that is exaggerating in a big way. But, I was afraid. One dog was a tan, pitbull-looking meanie. He was tied up. Thank GOD! And I did, btw. The second dog belonged to a caucasian Rastafarian. OK, this is Caucasian Falls, after all. Admittedly, he was no threat. He was untied, but under the spell of his master. Thank GOD again! Wow, twice in one day. That is a record!

    PS -- The dog's name is Arnold. How funny eh?!
    realitybites -- Friday October 07 2005, @12:32PM (#180929)
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  • What did you find?? :)
    alainsane -- Monday October 10 2005, @08:13PM (#181182)
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