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Friday September 30, 05

Last day of September

08:36 PM

In less than one hour, it will be October in Ohio.

October is my favorite month of the year. The weather cools. The leaves change colors. Autumn squashes come to market. There are many things to look forward to: harvest rides, scarecrows, corn mazes, apple cider, Halloween! Ah, but best of all about October has been the birthday celebrations throughout the years.

  • October Birthdays
    • David 3rd
      • Jeff and Dana 11th
        Alex 14th
        Jehne 21st

      This will be the first October without Jeff. This time brings great sadness to me as I reflect on the memories of raking leaves, trick or treating, and celebrating our birthdays together.

      Jeff won't have a birthday this year.

      And I am getting married on mine.

      Tears are falling and yet I have something wonderful to celebrate very soon. I feel so sad and so happy all at once.

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