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Thursday September 29, 05


09:09 AM

It is very selfish to keep loved ones in a perpetual state of worry over one's health/life/future. It denies them the freedom to live peacefully. Being a patient and forcing others who care about you to play nurse/doctor, is as selfish as the act of suicide -- maybe more so because it is a prolonged suffering for those who care about you. Fao all the addicts/cutters/anorectics etc, (This includes me, of course.) grow up and take responsibility for your lives/actions/emotions.

To all the people who care about me: I am sorry for all the stress that I have caused you to experience. I don't want you to worry about me any longer. I want you to be released from this burden. I am going to do my best to free you from this emotional prison.

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  • for people to force a person to carry on living when they are obviously in an unbareable amount of pain just because it would upset them a little? no one ever remembers that once they're dead they are not in pain anymore, just feel glad for them that they're finally free
    angelunimportant -- Thursday September 29 2005, @01:24PM (#180078)
    (User #14060 Info)
  • An intention I can admire. I wonder how it'll be appreciated in the world in general, but definitely, a good intention. I remember when I felt passionately that way, everything I did was not to burden anyone or anything unnecessarily. Those were calm moments.
    redpathetic -- Thursday September 29 2005, @04:29PM (#180104)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus

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