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Monday September 26, 05

Hey everyone!

01:22 AM


♥ Six months ago, I didn't have the slightest desire, drive, or plan to ever remarry. But, then I met my soulmate. We met here at Solo. Our journals were the windows of opportunities for us to get to know one another. Then we started emailing one another. Next, we spoke on the phone for the first time. It was intense -- 15 hours of stimulating conversation. Then we spoke again, and again. Then he visited me in Ohio. This time was so special for both of us. We knew that we could have a happy life with one another.

Alan returned to Arizona but we continued to speak on the phone daily. We planned to get back together in October, but just couldn't wait that long. So, he came back to me September 20th. We went to Cedar Point and rode the tallest and fastest roller coasters on the planet. My son adores Alan. And Alan likes him very much as well.

Then we ordered our rings. They are matching bands with diamond cut engraving. Today we are meeting with the minister of the chapel where we wish to be married. Then we need to pick a cake and make plans for a reception. I think we may all just go out to dinner, as it will be a small wedding.

Honeymoon? That will have to wait until this summer. Right now we will concentrate on moving D& me to Arizona and getting settled there with school and work.

So much change! Ah, but it is exciting. This is truly a sharp turn in the road, but one that I fully embrace. As long as I keep my balance, the journey should be smooth and enjoyable. ♥

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