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Saturday September 17, 05

I see her face

10:04 PM

Do you see this woman who lives next door? Is she your sister, mother, neighbor? Is she you? I think I see myself in that determined face of hers.

Hopi woman

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  • What a gracious photograph. I knew someone that looked very much like the woman in the picture, which isn't unusual given that I live in the heart of indian territory -- Muskogee is named after the Muscogee tribe (many Oklahoma towns have indian names). My best friend growing up was a Cherokee indian who later secured a role in the summer musical drama Trail of Tears: asp?ID=1302

    I really wish I had a scanner: recently, I was given an interesting photograph of my maternal great-great-grandparents. The man in the photo, George Byron (what a name!), had quite a sizable quiff! :)
    Codreanu <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 17 2005, @10:32PM (#178667)
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    Let's do nothing about it!
  • The USA Southwest is one of my favorite places. This photo is great. Thanks.

    Lon in Fort Worth.
    Lon -- Sunday September 18 2005, @02:33AM (#178671)
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  • Courage and grace.
    LizzieCat -- Sunday September 18 2005, @07:07PM (#178706)
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    Mrs Forman
    • Re:I see. by realitybites (Score:1) Monday September 19 2005, @06:55AM

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