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Friday September 16, 05

Sheets of clay

09:29 AM

Q:Why does Eddie Vedder sing so many different cover songs?

A: He sings other artists' songs because he has a fucking awesome voice!!!

Eddie cover songs

He has covered over fifty songs. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Trouble by Cat Stevens
  • You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles
  • Baba O'Riley by The Who
  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding
  • I Got You by Split Enz

Only cover that Eddie cannot pull off:

Creep by Radiohead

I am unable in any way to believe that Eddie acts/feels like a creep.

Also, Ed is listed five times (more than any other artist) in the 100 Greatest Rock Vocal Performances List.

The original Pearl Jam songs are:

  • Release
  • Jeremy
  • Hunger Strike
  • Yellow Ledbetter
  • Black
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  • I wished for so long...
    I cannot stay
    All the precious moments...
    Cannot stay
    It's not like wings have fallen...
    I cannot say
    Still something is missing...
    I cannot say

    Holding hands of daughters and sons
    In their phase they're falling down
    Down, down, down

    I have wished for so long...
    How I wish for you again

    Will I walk the long road?
    I cannot stay
    There's no need to say goodbye

    Oh, the friends and family...
    All the memories going round
    Round, round round...

    I have wished for so long...
    How I wished for you today

    And the wind keeps rollin'
    And the sky keeps turning grey
    And the sun is set
    The sun will rise another day

    I have wished for so long...
    How I wish for you today

    I have wished for so long...
    How I wish for you today
    Will I walk the long road?
    We all walk the long road
    realitybites -- Friday September 16 2005, @03:47PM (#178626)
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