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Friday August 26, 05

Three Greatest Bands

07:41 PM

I was just sorting through my music collection. And it dawned on me that while there are thousands of great songs and even first rate albums, there are far fewer great bands.

What makes a band great?

  • Charismatic front man
  • Consistency
  • Political messages
  • Classic combination of guitar(s), drums, bass, and vocals
  • Universal and timeless lyrics
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and great sounding live performances

    Considering all those qualities, only three bands fit the bill IMO: The Smiths, Pearl Jam, and R.E.M..

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  • excellent insight...please stay true...thanks Lon
    Lon -- Saturday August 27 2005, @01:47AM (#176703)
    (User #121 Info)
    • Re:Excellent by realitybites (Score:1) Saturday August 27 2005, @03:14AM
  • That's a pretty good set of criteria!

    In the way you describe, The Cure could not qualify as a great band because they're boring live and they rarely rarely have political statements in their lyrics.

    U2, on the other hand, has all the qualities you listed (with mebee a half point taken off for their experimental electronic phase with Pop). R.E.M. has also had an electronically experimental release, though. 'Course....charisma is a matter of opinion. ;)

    Beyond them, though, I can only think of bands that possess a few of the qualities.

    My Runners Up:
    Prince & the Revolution (Lyrics not timeless enough)
    Tragically Hip (Lead singer not charismatic enough)
    Elvis Costello and the Attractions (Lead singer not charismatic enough.)
    The Pogues (Lead singer not charismatic enough.)
    alainsane -- Saturday August 27 2005, @11:28AM (#176743)
    (User #460 Info)
  • Radiohead to that list - just in my opinion, tho.

    I had a best friend in High School who was in love with the lead singer from Pearl Jam. I don't know much about them, but yeah...she was crazy for him and his band.
    hand in glove -- Monday August 29 2005, @09:20PM (#176934)
    (User #827 Info)
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