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Monday July 25, 05

It all started with one dreamer

08:48 PM

Last week, I had concluded that the persons who posted at Solo could not represent the average Morrissey fan. How could they? For they were greedy, nasty, cruel, and heartless. They found amusement in insulting one another and posting profanity and vulgarity. I determined that perhaps the fans, who used the net as a means of communicating, were bottom feeders. And was I thus one as well?

But then, something amazing happened at Solo. One individual named dreamer decided to share his/her Viva Hate outtakes with the rest of us. Why? Well, s/he didn't do it to make money or to win a popularity contest, but rather, simply to share with other fans what s/he believed belongs to the Moz community.

And his/her act of generosity set off a chain events that has altered my perception. Next thing you know, many others are sharing rare files, bootlegs, DVDs, mp3s etc. Many of the good and loving people of this community surfaced for the first time. I saw new names and IP's never before seen. The board was transformed from a polluted, toxic wasteland into a vibrant and caring place to visit and post.

Gone are the insults and threats. But how long will this cooperative environment be sustained? Oh I wish it were for good. But, that would be asking too much from some. There will always be those who have to rain on the parade. They will soon make themselves heard.

But, I will try to remember this good that I witnessed. And whenever I am feeling disillusioned, I will try to embrace its spirit.

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