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Monday July 18, 05

Florida Vacation

11:13 PM

This Wednesday, my son is flying to Florida to spend the rest of the summer with his grandparents. He has been doing this every summer for five years now. Some of the activties that they have planned for him are: Epcot Center, Adventure Island, swimming with manatees, walks along the beach, dining out, the movies, and visiting his cousins. He should have a great time. Though by the end of August, my parents are gonna be whooped.

If I were going to Florida on vacation, these are the things that I would do:

  • Collect shells on the beach
  • Have a nice romantic surfside seafood dinner
  • Sit in traffic for hours (not by choice)
  • Sweat like a dog (again not by choice)
  • Listen to some live Jimmy Buffet cover band
  • Take a moonlit walk along the beach
  • Visit with my family
  • Go boating, tubing, and kneeboarding


What would you do on your Florida vacation?

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