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Sunday July 17, 05

Wonka Fans Unite And Take Over!

03:31 PM

I loved this movie! Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is as great as the original but for different reasons. The sets and special effects were fantastic. Right from the beginning, the mood is set. The visuals are dark, dreamy, and textured. Johnny Depp is amazing as Wonka. He is quirky, funny, crazy, and mischievous. I was literally laughing out loud during most of the scenes.

Gone are the wise Wonka quotes and Oompa Loompa songs that turned the original into a cult classic. Never the less, this movie is still a masterpiece. The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful – much like the music in Edward Scissorhands.

Tim Burton is the perfect director for this new adaptation. He and Johnny Depp work their magic to make this a highly enjoyable movie to watch. It's Burton's best film since Edward Scissorhands. The acting is good. Freddy Highmore is sweet and charming as Charlie Bucket. But, Depp steals the show. I will definitely be buying the DVD when it becomes available.

One song that has stuck in my head since leaving the theater is Wonka's Welcome Song Mp3 download.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a must see movie for all Wonka fans.

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