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Thursday July 14, 05

silence is my favorite word

10:03 AM

Last Sunday, I dropped my son off at Teen Camp. He is there until Saturday. Since his departure from the environment, I have been enjoying a well-deserved vacation from noise.

Silence is not having the TV on in five days. It is being without tapping and repetitive sounds coming from an external source. It is freedom from unreasonable vocal commands and demands.

This has been a time of reflection. I have not been burdened with worrying about catering to the needs of another. I have been able to focus on me -- just my desires and goals.

As much as I love being a mom, I also enjoy being Jehne.

Peace, tranquility, a time to get in touch with myself -- I needed the break from external noise.

But, although it is silent outside, inside me there is beautiful noise -- a passion that thunders, rumbles, and crashes... Louder Than Bombs.

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  • That's quite the underrated pastime. I hope you make the most of the silence around you and the rumblings inside you.

    Curiously, how would your son's journal entry read if he was writing about the same thing, i.e. being on his own for a brief spell. :)
    alainsane -- Thursday July 14 2005, @11:25AM (#171451)
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  • Have a great time relaxing - you deserve it.
    LizzieCat -- Thursday July 14 2005, @11:23PM (#171574)
    (User #14284 Info)
    Mrs Forman
    • Re:Enjoy! by realitybites (Score:1) Thursday July 14 2005, @11:28PM

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