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Monday July 04, 05

El Condor Pasa

03:56 PM

I'd rather have you here than leave you there.
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.

I'd rather be your lover than your friend.
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.

Away, I'd love to sail away
With you right here
Tight in my arms
A girl becomes hopeful every day
It gives the world
Its joyous sound,
Its joyous sound.

I'd rather be your lover than your friend.
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.

I'd rather feel you beneath me,
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.


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  • Is it me, or are those lyrics somehow different? Perhaps this a special version S&G sang live in concert one night? One night after they'd been on the road for a very long time: away from their respective paramours.
    alainsane -- Monday July 04 2005, @04:05PM (#169770)
    (User #460 Info)
  • That's funny. I was just singing this other version of an S&G song that I thought I heard them singing in Berkeley in 1969. It could be that my ears are wonky from being in airplanes so much yesterday, though.

    Why Won't You Write Me
    Why don't you grab me
    alone in my room
    I'm so hungry to feel you.
    Breathe on my neck
    I am wishing so hard
    to be near you.

    (la, la, la)
    Hold me tonight.

    My feelings are wrought
    and I know I've got to be there
    No matter the cost
    without you I'm lost
    in the airwaves.

    Hold me tight.
    Hold me so tight.

    Please won't you hold me
    I'm longing to feel your
    arms wrapped around me
    Don't let me go
    just hold me all day
    into evening.

    (la la la la)
    alainsane -- Monday July 04 2005, @04:22PM (#169773)
    (User #460 Info)
  • And who can forget the light and tumble journey S&G took when they sang this demo version of At The Zoo way back in the cuspy fall of 1967: years before they were to release it on record.

    At The Zoo (Demo Version)
    Daydreams tell me
    all that'll happen between me and you.
    and I do believe it
    I do believe it's true.

    Take my hand, and we will journey
    from our pasts into our future
    Where both of us can fly
    into the blue.

    And we can take our time
    exploring all our deepest pleasure
    And we will know each other
    Through and through.

    Dreaming told me
    Something's brewing between me and you
    I do believe it
    I do believe it's true.

    The first kiss stands for earnestness
    The second for our passion
    The rest will make us far too dizzy to count
    The soft caress of fingers
    in the traces of those places
    melts perceptions where you end and I begin.

    Despite the vastness of the space
    we think we have between us.
    The pure potential of life
    says that it can be.

    We gotta' go and see.
    Me and you.
    alainsane -- Monday July 04 2005, @04:57PM (#169775)
    (User #460 Info)
  • I want somebody to share
    Share the rest of my life
    Share my innermost thoughts
    Know my intimate details
    Someone who’ll stand by my side
    And give me support
    And in return
    he’ll get my support
    he will listen to me
    When I want to speak
    About the world we live in
    And life in general
    Though my views may be wrong
    They may even be perverted
    he’ll hear me out
    And won’t easily be converted
    To my way of thinking
    In fact he’ll often disagree
    But at the end of it all
    he will understand me

    I want somebody who cares
    For me passionately
    With every thought and
    With every breath
    Someone who’ll help me see things
    In a different light
    All the things I detest
    I will almost like
    I don’t want to be tied
    To anyone’s strings
    I’m carefully trying to steer clear of
    Those things
    But when I’m asleep
    I want somebody
    Who will put their arms around me
    And kiss me tenderly
    Though things like this
    Make me sick
    In a case like this
    I’ll get away with it
    realitybites -- Monday July 04 2005, @09:16PM (#169786)
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