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Tuesday June 28, 05

Bush irritates me to no end!

05:40 PM

He just gave his Presidential Address -- what a twit for brains! I can't stand him. I didn't vote for him and can't wait until his term is up.

Everytime I see him, I picture a silver spoon in his mouth. At least Clinton came from humble means and earned his wings. Bush is a spoiled good ol' boy!

Oh God -- now NBC's whiney Brian Williams is bantering back and forth with the pundits -- overanalyzing Bush's pathetic excuse for a speech.

Lol, vent girl, vent!

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  • I can't stand to even look at him, much less hear him. :( He inspires that much ire in me, and I don't like myself to be that way.

    I know what you mean about Bill Clinton, but what is it with him constantly palling around with George Bush Sr.???

    Yesterday (or maybe it was this morning (it's been that long a day)), I saw *another* picture of them together--apparently doing something recreational at Kennebunkport. *shakes head* I want to shriek everytime I see them with one another.
    alainsane -- Tuesday June 28 2005, @07:48PM (#169017)
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  • I have heard sickening rumours of runnin Jeb Bush and I have heard worse, running Cheney as pres. with Bush as vice pres. Has the US gone mad?

    Seems such a shame that we will never have a president like Lincoln that started out in a log cabin house. All politicians are rich bastards that have never had to make a decision about "who needs a doctor more" or have to live on ramen noodles!

    The whole place needs to be purged...along with my nieghborhood :P
    WhyteGrrrl <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 28 2005, @08:57PM (#169022)
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    No One Can Hold A Candle To You
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  • That was a completely substance-free attack on Bush.

    So what does that mean? You want us to cut and run from Iraq?

    As far as Bill Clinton, I don't think he should ever be forgiven for never holding a high-level meeting about Rwanda, but instead sending his Secretary of State to the United Nations to instruct them to pull UN forces out of Rwanda right before one of the most horrific genocides in history took place. That is the biggest shame on America of my lifetime.

    But with all my problems with Bill Clinton, I've never been able to muster the level of reactionary and hysterical hatred for him that the Bush haters display, nor did I allow my issues with Clinton allow me to remove support in the Kosovo mission.

    It's clear it doesn't matter what Bush says or does for some people.

    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Tuesday June 28 2005, @09:19PM (#169024)
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    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
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  • I'm 14 miles from Crawford. I have a say in this. W is the worst Pres. since Hoover. Period.
    Lon -- Wednesday June 29 2005, @03:32AM (#169053)
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