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Monday June 20, 05

Secret talent

03:46 PM

I have a secret talent that only one other person knows about. But, I am going to reveal it publicly for the first time, here.

~I can stand on top of my toes -- just like Rose does in the movie, Titanic. I know it is a gift, as I have never seen anyone else be able to do this unless s/he was a trained dancer.

So, what secret talent do you have?

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  • I must be unextraordinary...
    LizzieCat -- Monday June 20 2005, @09:37PM (#168054)
    (User #14284 Info)
    Mrs Forman
  • I can touch the bottom of my nose with the tip of my tongue. And I don't think that owes to my having a big nose either. Also, I can whistle 5 different ways and can do so the standard way in a circular pattern that precludes breath stops. Oh! And I can print and cursive backwards with very few stutters made during. I just discovered this weekend that my mom's talent is for writing upside down. She was doing it quite effortlessly while she was trying to write backwards. hahaha
    alainsane -- Tuesday June 21 2005, @10:27AM (#168120)
    (User #460 Info)
  • Doesn't that hurt? I was about to try it but I'm afraid my toes would break. I'm probably too tall anyway.
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Thursday June 23 2005, @05:02PM (#168457)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.

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