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Friday June 10, 05

Gothic artist

11:35 PM

I just stumbled upon this very interesting goth website. There is an artist who has posted her pen and ink sketches. I think they are fantastic. She also has a website. Click her name Helen-Ann to link to her site. Click the thumbnails of her sketches, to view.

Warning: There is a pic of the artist at her site -- and she is very beautiful.

While you are at, look around -- it is a pretty interesting site.

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  • I am feeling so low right now. I spoke to Anna last night and we both realized that indeed we were bg's pawns. He didn't want to deal with whatever this is about (did you have a major falling out? He wants to destroy you. And I noticed you considered him one of your friends. Goaded on by bg, and my friends's call, I made assumptions which was wrong of me. I am so aorry. Colleen
    Kali1962 -- Saturday June 11 2005, @06:58PM (#166598)
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