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Monday May 30, 05

Before I die I wanna

01:27 PM

I wanna:

Drive 150 miles per hour (at least) in a cigarette boat in the Gulf Of Mexico

Fall in love ~ and not just a crush ~ but a real intense, passionate, sexually charged love affair. It doesn't have to end in marriage nor even last forever... forever is a long time.

Swim in crystal clear waters around the dock of my bugalow in the Cook Islands.

Go to an all you can eat lobsterfest without worrying about feeling too full, sick, or gaining weight from it.

Meet Keanu Reeves ~ I keep thinking that if he could only meet me, that he would see that we were soul mates, lol.

I would like to have a grandchild -- preferably a little girl that I can spoil to death.

Feel good in my own skin, head, heart.

Learn how to live without addictions/obsessions.

Be able to look at pictures of my brother and smile rather than breakdown with overwhelming grief, guilt, terror, anger... . Will time heal? I am so afraid that this wound will never close. And that it will become so infected, that will die from gangrene of the spirit.

I want to see my son graduate from college. I don't care what career he chooses, I just hope that he is happy in his life's path.


I want to go to Machu Piccu in Peru.

I want another 100 gallon, salt water fish tank, with many gloriously beautiful fish.

I want to become an 'adult' before my mother passes away.

May add to this again...

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  • What I've found about listing one's desires is that inevitably they come about (although not always exactly as you'd imagine).

    Hooray putting your beautiful dreams into physical form!

    oh, and this:

    I am so afraid that this wound will never close. And that it will become so infected, that I will die from gangrene of the spirit.

    I am at once struck with the beauty of the metaphor and the truth of the pain and fear that you feel. I wish you deep healing.
    WorkingGirlLikeMe -- Tuesday May 31 2005, @07:10AM (#164312)
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    You give and you give and you give and you give, give and you give.

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