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Thursday May 26, 05

~Best So Far~ List

06:05 PM

US city ~ Lake Tahoe, California

International City ~ Vienna, Austria

Pizza ~ Pizza Hut's Supreme Pan Pizza

Meal ~ Sunday Seafood Brunch ~ Tampa, Florida

Nightclub ~ Montreal, Canada ~ It is closed now. Was too drunk to get the name then. And I am too sober now to recall it.

Ballet ~ Joeffrey Ballet ~ Tampa, Florida

Musical ~ Cats ~ Tampa, Florida

Gig ~ U2, Joshua Tree Tour ~ Tampa, Florida

Year ~ 1996 on lake in Odessa, Florida

Voice Famous ~ Eddie Vedder

Voice non-Famous ~ BMS

Sexiest Man ~ Keanu Reeves in movie "Speed." Now that is my type, baby!

Sexiest Woman ~ Angelina Jolie ~ NOW. She is getting sexier every year!

Song ~ Your Silent Face ~ New Order

Album ~ Meat Is Murder ~ The Smiths

Website ~ Solo

Mode of Transportation ~ Cigarette boat ~ I have a need for speed.

Childhood friend ~ Dawn

Adult Friend ~ John *kiss, I miss you

Book ~ Our Kind by anthropologist Marvin Harris ~ inspired me to major in sociology.

TV sitcom ~ Cheers

TV Drama ~ L.A. Law

Cartoon ~ Scooby Doo

Movie Musical ~ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Movie Drama ~ Silence of the Lambs

Movie Comedy ~ The Wedding Singer

Color ~ Periwinkle

May add to this list...

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