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Thursday May 26, 05


11:15 AM

I had an odd dream last night that I remember very clearly. Although I am not one to try to overanalyze my dreams, this one seems to quite obviously, mean SOMETHING.

The dream: I was at my parents house. I told my mom, I think I have an infection in my throat. I could see inside my mouth, as if I was another person looking in -- amazing huh! (Anything is possible in the dream world.) Anyhow, so indeed I had white bumps in my mouth. I then looked turned to this Opthamologist -- a friend of the family, and said, "Do you think it is thrush?" He said, "Yes." He then wrote a prescription for an anti-fungal, oral med. Then I woke up.

This seems to be one of those dreams that should be interpreted somewhat literally. Even though I do not have oral thrush (I looked in the mirror this morning), I think I do have a disease of 'speaking unkind' these last days...

It is bothering me subconsciously. And it is affecting me more than I realized. So my goal today, is to avoid all unnecessary drama and to bite my tongue.

I am going to take the top off my Tracker and go for a spin. Catch ya later.

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  • "avoid unnecessary drama"
    me too
    redpathetic -- Saturday May 28 2005, @03:24PM (#163838)
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