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Monday May 23, 05

The Last Time

09:55 PM

Last Cigarette ~ Seven years ago this Sept. 10th.
Last Alcoholic Drink ~ Wine, December 31st, 2004.
Last Car Ride ~ Today
Last Kiss ~ Tonight
Last Good Cry ~ Last Tuesday ~ Though I moaned a bit last night because of a bad toothache.
Last Library Book checked out ~ American Psycho
Last Movie Seen in Theaters ~ The Aviator
Last Book Read ~ American Psycho
Last Movie Rented ~ The Motorcycle Diaries
Last Cuss Word Uttered ~ What the fuck?!
Last Beverage Drank ~ Diet Pepsi
Last Food Consumed ~ Good and Plenty candies
Last Crush ~ Now
Last Phone Call ~ Sister
Last TV Show Watched ~ Jay Leno
Last Time Showered ~ Bath this evening
Last Shoes Worn ~ Nikes
Last CD Played ~ Soviet Kitsch
Last Item Bought ~ Diet Pepsi
Last Download ~ Smashing Pumpkins' Landslide
Last Annoyance ~ The Solo forum today
Last Disappointment ~ Today, human behavior
Last Thing Written ~ This post
Last Key Used ~ The letter 'r'
Last Sleep ~ This morning
Last IM ~ To Laini a few days ago.
Last Sexual Fantasy ~ Last night
Last Weird Encounter ~ Today
Last Ice Cream Eaten ~ Today, had a raspberry creamsicle
Last Time Amused ~ Last night playing with troll dolls with my son. We love to do fun stuff with their hair.
Last Time Wanting To Die ~ Never
Last Time In Love ~ Hmmm?
Last Time Hugged ~ Tonight
Last Time Scolded ~ Last week
Last Time Resentful ~ Today
Last Chair Sat In ~ This one
Last Lipstick Used ~ Pink lip gloss
Last Underwear Worn ~ ?
Last Shirt Worn ~ Black T-shirt
Last Webpage Visited ~ A friend's live journal

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