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Sunday May 15, 05

I have no one to blame but myself

07:25 PM

I never learn. I should have known better than to go up against freeyourself today. I was sick of him insulting Theo, Cod, Colleen, and myself. He started making posts under the name 'reality bites' -- my name, but with a space in the middle.

Regrettably today, I succumed to my own impulses and better judgement, and let him know EXACTLY what I think about his BS. Of course, I did find out that SF has been on good terms with him all along. This explains why he NEVER insults her.

I am through with the general discussion forum. It was fun for a while -- at night. But, those days are gone. I am going to try my best to resist the urge to post the there or go into the chat room.

I did dig my own grave, I know this. Why can't I just keep my mouth shut? I have never been able to do this, though. When I was a kid, I wouldn't let anyone bully me. And, I still won't.

YOU win Paul. You can have the GDF and the Guestbook all to yourself. It can be the "Freeyourself British Empire." Have fun. You can troll all you want, insult all the Americans, and feel very proud. For, you have the ability to use an anonymizer, insult faceless persons on the net, and be oh so clever about it. But, try posting on the Main Page -- you don't have a voice there! You have lost all credibility. And after all, isn't that what you crave so much -- recognition from your Morrissey peers.

Oh, go have a beer, watch a football game, hang out with your buds. But, you and I both know what you are really about -- you are MEAN to the CORE.

Enjoy your little fantasy world of 'self-importance' here at Solo.

Next Day ~ I am not going to let this turkey get me down. I will listen to his own advice which he wrote in my journal not so long ago:

"Take care of yourself 'Bertie', and try to bear in mind that strangers on the Internet can't hurt you unless you allow them to.
It's a lesson I should have learned long ago.


FAO Paul ~ I did think that we had called a truce. But, I realized that this was not the case when you started insulting the Americans again -- especially Theo, Cod, and I. I do wish that you would reread your entry in my journal and follow your own advice. Your post reminds me of the story of Darth Vader from Star Wars. You started out as a good person, then went to the dark side. Secretly, you must enjoy hurting others -- although you claim that this is not the case. How long will you haunt Solo? Do you think that if you tried posting as Paul that you would not be respected? Have you burned too many bridges here?

I believe that everybody can change. There will always be those who will hold a grudge. But the way that you are conducting yourself now is pointless. You post under a different name at almost every post and hide behind your anonymizer. Isn't this depressing you? How do you feel validated in any way? You cannot really be a valuable member of a community when you are 'invisible.' Maybe you say that you don't want to fit in here. I think that is a lie. YOU ARE A MORRISSEY FAN. You go to the S&G, gigs, and have friends who are fans. I'm certain that you are frustrated by this rejection from your peers. It is up to you now.

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