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Thursday May 12, 05

Poor little hamster

04:41 PM

Our new hamster died last night or this morning. My son found him stiff this afternoon. I am feeling very incompetent. I may have done nothing to cause his death, but still.

We won't be getting another. I can't deal with another loss anytime soon.


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  • Don't feel bad. If you compare your pet skills with mine, you will feel much better. The DAY AFTER I got my first hamster, my cat ate it. We managed to retrieve it from his crushing jaws, but it was too late. She died in my hands.

    I have owned 6 fish in my life. None of them have lasted longer than a month. Not my fault, though.

    When my mum got married to my stepdad, we returned home to find that our guinea pig had died whilst we were away. An omen perhaps?!

    I have given up on pets now...
    Wilde is on my side -- Friday May 13 2005, @07:11AM (#161521)
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