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Wednesday May 11, 05

I should have guessed as much.

02:02 PM

A few days ago, I joined a webzine so that I could submit a short essay. I was told that it would be several weeks before I would hear from the editors. It would then either be published or rejected. Well low and behold, I just got a message today -- it has been published.

But, I am not too happy right now. Even though my essay is well written, the subject matter is controversial. I am getting torn to shreds by the other writers who have read it -- not because it is poorly written, but because they don't agree with my opinions. How sad -- not very objective.

I had written this essay in my journal a month or so ago. It was moderated positively. Obviously, the mods here have more intelligence and objectivity then some of these biased, wannabe writers at this webzine. Well, at least the editors there think it was decent enough to be published. The majority of submitted works end up on the cutting room floor. So I am happy and disappointed at the same time.

Well here it is. If anyone wants to get a laugh at me being torn to pieces, read away!

I am Bertie ~ "Informed Choice"

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  • Well, as a vegan and pro choice individual the conclusions I have come to are quite different but I admire your stance and agree wholeheartedly with the idea of informed decision making.
    Succintly written and tolerantly stated- well done.
    KenBarlow -- Wednesday May 11 2005, @03:03PM (#161261)
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    There is no such thing in life as Norman
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  • That was good, I especially liked the bit about the videos, as it was brought up under the veggie article. I think I tried to explain a similar opinion to yours, but I bodged it really, and didn't express myself in the best possible way, so thanks for that!
    Wilde is on my side -- Thursday May 12 2005, @09:30AM (#161361)
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    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
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  • I wouldn't worry about that review, she's obviously either a totally insensitive, emotionally stunted person who there's little hope for, or else, as you surmised, reacting angrily to protect herself from emotions about what she's done which she can't or won't face.

    Not that I'm saying I agree with everything you wrote. I mean, you don't really think that people who have abortions see it as 'seeming like a simple, attractive option' do you? It's a grim business that I can't imagine any woman undertaking lightly, and generally already is, 'seen for what it is- a painful choice for all involved.' Many women do it because they are at their wit's end, distraught, which is why in the old days they would go to the extreme lengths of risking their lives seeing a back-street abortionist, and it haunts them for years, all their life even, afterwards.

    I noticed you put me on your friend's list. Thanks for that.
    Tales From The Dark <[email protected]> -- Thursday May 12 2005, @06:13PM (#161458)
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