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Monday May 09, 05

Whoo hoo!

05:31 PM

No more wussy anonymous posters trolling my journal. Yippee!!! I have the reigns now baby. Only friends can post.

I have not figured out how to add people to my 'friends' list who do not HAVE their own journals.

So until I do, I don't think that non-journalists will be able to comment.

If any other journalists read this and know how it can be done, please let me know.

Thank ya kindly.

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  • i dont understand the concept of "friends" so i'll just have none on the works for me!!

    Well hope your having fun and the site looks good.......
    Keep on i'll keep on reading...
    prudence never paid -- Tuesday May 10 2005, @03:35AM (#160947)
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    "The youth of the present day are quite monstrous. They have absolutly no respect for dyed hair." - Oscar Wilde
    • Re:dont know by realitybites (Score:1) Tuesday May 10 2005, @09:54AM
      • Re:dont know by prudence never paid (Score:1) Wednesday May 11 2005, @03:05AM
  • Each user name has a small circle to the right of it. Its color indicates your relationship to that person. You can click that circle and then make that person your friend or foe. You can also see who is friends or foes with that person as well. If you look at your own user profile, you can see all the friends, foes, freaks, and fans that you have. It really is a network. I think it is pretty cool.
    realitybites -- Tuesday May 10 2005, @11:31AM (#161010)
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