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Monday May 02, 05

It's a cyber life after all... Has it really been a year?

09:52 PM

Over the last year, I have met hundreds of people online. I have interacted with posters from all over the globe. This month marks my one year anniversary as an active poster on a fan forum. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I have spent many (too many) hours online. But, it hasn't really been a waste of time. I have learned so much about computing, UK culture, and people in general. And, I believe that I have become a better writer. Practice makes perfect. (I really hate that cliche, btw -- but, mostly when others say it.)

Don't laugh, but 12 months ago, I did not know how to copy and paste nor post a picture. I didn't know what a troll, thread, forum, nor post meant. I was completely ignorant. I can't write code -- yet. But, I still have time to learn. I went from being a self-proclaimed technophobe to becoming a computer addict. Windows (kiss for Bill Gates) and the WWW are the greatest inventions. Yes, I am a college graduate. Please don't ask me how I produced all those research papers without a computer nor the net. Some may respect this fact -- deeming it hardcore, back breaking research. (*rationalizes all those wasted hours toiling through crap books at the Uni library.)

I always hear people profess that they long for the 'good ol' days' -- wishing that they were born in the PAST. NOT ME -- NO WAY! I wish that I was born in the future -- in an era where information is the biggest commodity. Although we are moving towards this reality, I will be dead and cremated before this is fully materialized -- or shall I say 'idealized?!'

I used to be a materialist. But now that I am getting older and calmer, I find myself thinking more like an idealist. Step aside Marx -- hello Descartes.

If I had a dime for every new thing that I learned, I would be very rich indeed. But for now, I must settle for being 'enriched' instead.

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