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Tuesday April 26, 05

strange new passion

01:47 PM

I have found a new passion: reading book reviews at I have read at least ten reviews for the book American Psycho. These reviews then led me to books that critique AP. Which I then read the reviews for. Then I read reviews for books that were linked from those reviews. This all set off a long chain reaction and new addiction. I don't even want to read the books. I just want to read the reviews.

One Google search for me can turn into a two hour obsession of aquiring information. It is never ending. I could literally spend countless hours surfing and soaking in the knowledge. I am a net junkie. I admit it. It is instant access to anything I want to know and learn about. I don't have to save, drive, nor wait in line. It is here and now. The net is the ultimate toy for a knowledge junkie like me.

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