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Thursday April 14, 05

So true

09:23 AM

To err is human, to forgive divine.

It is natural for people to make mistakes and it is important to forgive people when they do.

The people whom I admire the most in this world, are the ones who don't hold grugdes. They have the ability to empathize. They don't hold unreasonable expectations. They understand that humans are not perfect.

I have stepped on a few toes in the past. I know a few people who still hold anger close to their hearts. But fortunately, I have been very lucky. For it is more often, that I have been forgiven.

To all those who I have wronged who have forgiven me, I thank you.

To all those who have hurt me, you are forgiven.

I think I may be pardoned often because I too, am a forgiving person. I may anger quickly, but rarely do I hold a grudge.

Life is too short to live with resentment.

"Those who anger you conquer you." - Elizabeth Kenny

This is so true.

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