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Saturday April 09, 05

bee charmer

11:50 PM

One of my favorite movie characters of all time is Idgie from Fried Green Tomatoes. Idgie is a bee charmer -- a person who can 'speak' to bees and talk them out of their honey without getting stung.

The scene where Idgie reaches into a wild hive and scoops out a jar of dripping honey for her friend Ruth, is both beautiful and very touching. Idgie, humming softly, is covered from head to foot with thousands of bees. But they fly off her as she walks slowly back to Ruth.

Idgie says: "Here you are, Madame, this is for you. Just think, Ruth, I never did it for anybody else before. Now nobody in the whole world knows I can do that but you. I just wanted for us to have a secret together, that's all."

Ruth, in tears, replies, "My Idgie's a bee charmer. That's what you are." "I've heard there were people who could do it, but I'd never seen one before today."

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