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Thursday March 24, 05

Terri Schiavo

04:37 PM

On February 26th, 1998, I went to an attorney and had my "Last Will and Testament" procured along with a "Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney And Designation of Surrogate For Health Care Decisions."

Why? Because in the event that something should happen to me, I want my wishes to be honored by law. I am protected. Also, my choice of guardianship for my son would be granted and my property would not end up in probate court.

The case of Terri Schiavo has thousands of Americans and others throughout the world, taking the steps to secure a Living Will.

You may think you are too young to worry about such things. Terri Schiavo was only 26 when she slipped into a vegetative state after suffering a heart attack. It just as well could have been a car accident that led to her fate.

Get a Living Will and Organ Donor Card, today.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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    Anonymous -- Thursday March 24 2005, @09:30PM (#155530)
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