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Wednesday March 16, 05

Spike Lee is fantastic

06:04 PM

I just watched The 25th Hour for the third time. This time I watched the DVD with the screenwriter's commentary turned on. What a treat to get an insider's perspective. I just love that "fuck you" scene that Norton plays out in front of the bar's bathroom mirror.

Two other great Spike Lee films are Summer of Sam and Do The Right Thing. All three of these movies take place in New York and are brilliantly cast.

Step aside Allen and Scorsese, Lee is the quintessential N.Y. director if there ever was one.

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  • Guess what? I agree with every single word of that Fuck-You Speech.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 17 2005, @01:22PM (#154467)
    • Re:Fuck You by realitybites (Score:1) Thursday March 17 2005, @02:05PM

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