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Saturday February 19, 05

A Poem

02:40 PM

1000 Deaths

Each day I die a thousand deaths
Seeing your pale, too-quiet face.
Knowing you won't warm me with your breaths
I am cold inside, gasping, strangling,
Because you left your body dangling
In a convenient place.

Again and again I rise
From the ashes of my life.
Wanting to hold you, see light in your eyes,
But my arms are empty, my eyes yearn still
Because we placed your ashes in a lake
With a marker to let us know where you rest.

I wait for the time when I am old and so
Leave the pain along the way,
Of wishing you had fought to see life flow
To all the good times just ahead.
But you wouldn't wait, and I die instead
A thousand times each day.

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