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Thursday February 03, 05

escaping from a shipwrecked life

04:40 PM

I woke up this morning and felt strangely different -- empowered, fresh, alive, free. For the last six or so months, I have been riding a roller coaster of emotions -- an up and down ride. I had been in love/hate relationships with both people and websites. I am now moving towards feeling indifferent. What a relief! What a release!

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  • Good for you =)

    Yikes! I hate Rollercoasters, I bet you feel as I do Yelling "Let me off this thing like NOW!!!!"
    Marisela -- Thursday February 03 2005, @09:02PM (#149607)
    (User #1865 Info)
    • Re:Yay by realitybites (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @01:21PM
  • Indifference, yay! What a relief! But it never lasts!
    redpathetic -- Friday February 04 2005, @02:37PM (#149723)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
    • Re:Pressure by realitybites (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @03:51PM

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