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Saturday December 11, 04

Bill Bailey

11:20 PM

I used to buy my chips,
From an oppressive chip-shop regime."

The girl who worked there she seemed happy,
but I knew it was not what it seemed.

"Do you want salt and vinegEEER"
Was what they made her say

But in the language of the ghetto that means,
Help I'm a woman in chains.

I wanted to free her
I wanted to see her..

running naked through the woods round Raynham
if I had some tigers i'd train 'em...

To protect 'er,
From the sexual fascism that was lurkin'
Round the gherkins.

We'd lean across the counter,
We would talk.

I carved her name "Debbie",
on a little wooden fork

But into the shop,
Came a skin-head gang,
They snatched the fork from my hand
And using three more forks and a saveloy
they fashioned a dog shaped fascist toy...

Dashed it across the counter... barking.. they were laughing.

Debbie looked at me...

To assert my masculinty... I said


He said... "What?!"

I said .. "Nuffin'".. "


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