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the other night i felt the spanish blood within me. and i wanted to be a bull fighter. but i don't know if i would have killed the bull. i think i wanted to fight a bull and lead it towards my eyes. and once it approached me i would stab him with my stare. and then feed him milk and grass. i would say, "bull, be my friend. do not listen to the crowd. let me ride you out of this stadium." at first the bull would say, "but that is not how things are supposed to be. i am supposed to attack you. and even though i am much bigger than you. you are supposed to stab me with those little swords. occasionally, i will be lucky and i can stab you in the heart with my horns. but even then i will get killed." at that point the people in the stadium will boo. but i will not listen. and i will tell the bull, who at this point will have had a whole gallon of milk and two stacks of grass, "don't mind them...we will ride out of here together. for we are both of spanish blood we will both dance with spanish women outside who love acts of rebellion." and the bull and i will ride away while the tourists in the crowd boo and jeer. and the full-blooded spaniards say, "there goes another man riding off on a bull. it happens every week here."

ralphjunior (10418)

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