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My name is Abrahán Garza. I am 31 years old and was born in Houston, Texas.

I play guitar & have always wanted to start a Morrissey/Smiths/Cure/Radiohead/Oasis/80s/BritPop Cover Band, if you are interested in jamming out feel free to email me at [email protected] or visit my homepage for further information.

My homepage:

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Wednesday June 08, 05

listened to maladjusted today...

11:41 AM

I listened to Maladjusted today. It reminded me of the Winter of 1997, my first real office job and having my very first cell phone. Nice.

This is my first entry in a long time.

Thursday October 18, 01

the flats lands of Houston Texas...

09:01 AM

Now that I have moved to California... all the views just amaze me. I am not used to looking out my window and seeing a huge mountian. It is great... I have not missed too many things about Houston yet, besides driving to work inthe morning...

Tuesday September 18, 01

i used to write here...

04:28 AM

i am not too sure how i came to forget to write here... i have been too caught up with work and this band that i joined... i do update my homepage,, every second that i get, so you might want to check that out... i need to breath, i need to live, i want to get out... have a good day a work or what you might do for a living...

7:32am, houston, texas...

Saturday June 16, 01

hold music at work...

06:11 AM

The systems guy recently asked me what I thought about the music that we use while people are on hold. He mentioned that he wanted to do a theme. A "holding, waiting, call me back" theme. I told him that it was a cool idea. I offered some music.

hold on to your friends -
    (but now you only call me/title)
the more you ignore me, the closer I get
  (you're wasting your time)
    (why do you telelphone?)
Don't look back in anger
    (so sally can WAIT)

since we are a weekly newspaper...

journalists who lie
here's where the story ends

Friday June 15, 01

Song on the drive to work...

06:31 AM

I listened to Pregnant for the last time at least 4 times on the drive to work this morning. It was great.

Wednesday June 13, 01


05:32 AM

I listened to Gene this morning on my way to work... Sorry Moz... I did listen to Kill Uncle when I arrived at the office though.


Monday June 11, 01

Song of the moment...

06:43 PM

Right now, because of the latest poll, The Last Of the famous International Playboys has been played very loudly in my home... Uh-ho-ho...

I thought about it all the way from work...

My journal...

02:54 PM

I already have a homepage where I keep a Daily Journal online but I think I will post about my Morrisse/Smiths songs of the day here. I hope you enjoy it.

For my homepage, please visit :

houston, texas

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