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Saturday May 05, 07

How can you hear me say those words.....

11:49 AM
and still I don't believe him!!

I am so excited.. just a few more days.. and the one I love will be here! And he is singing one of my all time favorite songs!! OMG! NOVA... ANITA.. haven't I been saying he is going to sing this song sooner or later?
Awwwww yes!!
I have to work that day.. but ya know what.. I already have someone that is going to be in line for me... =)

8 months pregnant.. and I still will be in the front row!!
See all you Denver fans Wednesday Night!

I love the Hollywood Bowl picture!
Thursday March 15, 07

Jumping up and Down in Denver

09:22 PM
I am sooooo damn excited about his decision to come to Denver! *YAY*!!!!
I don't get to see him as many times as my friends do in LA, but I cannot complain.. at least he is coming! This place could use the touch of his greatness. I swear the music scene over here is DEAD.

Saving all my pennies in Denver!
Tuesday January 30, 07


08:28 PM
So I won't be able to fly to see Moz in a few days.. you cannot be more bummed then I.
From going to concerts in LA all the time... to this... having to make flight arragements sucks.
Having to work full time and not getting any time off... *SUCKS* *BLOWS*

So.. I hope there is some GREAT bootlegs that come out from this.. so people GRAB all your recording equipment and let's see your finest work!

Have fun everyone that goes...
Friday January 12, 07

Front Page

09:36 PM
Just read the front page, and Bozzie baby is coming to town! Well at least someone from Moz's camp is giving Denver some love!! =)

Needless to say,..... I will be attending the show.

Saturday December 30, 06

Happy New Years!

07:03 PM
I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and SAFE New Years!!
A lot of snow is on the we might just stay home and bring the new year in with some friends and family.
I have many things to be thankful for.. my kids number one and my family and friends.
I am also so lucky to be living in Denver.. it is a great place.. not only to visit but to live.

Tuesday December 19, 06

Baby News Part 2

09:43 PM
Just fresh from the doctors lipz to my ears....
I am 3 months pregnant and due in early July!
Yay a Cancer BABY!! Just like Mama!! =)

So excited to much for words! Mom and Baby are doing very well after all said and done today.

*keeping fingers crossed*
Hoping for a boy!

Saturday November 25, 06

Pregnant for the LAST time

04:32 PM
So I found out last weekend that I am pregnant! I am so haaaaappy! Hopefully it is a boy this time.. I will have my beautiful girls and my handsome son!


Keep you posted after the first ob appointment!

Sunday October 29, 06

1st of Many

05:05 PM
So.. we went to My Best Friend Melissa Sister's house.. for a Halloween party last night. It was fun... Me and some of my friends dressed up as The Pink Ladies, (from Grease). I of course, was Rizzo. hehe =) We were the hit of they party to say the least... and we went on to a few other parties later on in the night.. but by 3am I was burned out and ready for some well deserved sleep.

On to the Paramedic party on Tuesday.. we are all looking forward to that. So the Pink Ladies shall make another special appearance. =)

I will be posting pictures of the party tomorrow on my website...

Thursday October 19, 06

The Pulse

08:02 PM
Is DEAD in Denver.... some shows are coming... not too thrilled to see them.. except Pet Shop Boys.

I ran into the Drummer and Manager of Shiny Toy Guns. Some of their music as been compared to some of the greats of the 80'z... but that to me remains to be seen... and people should not make such snap judgments when the band has only been together under 5 years.

Till the next haunting....
Monday September 04, 06

Labor Day

10:23 AM
I hope all my friends had a fun Labor Day weekend!
Mine was nothing special just working a lot of over time... heading to a bbq with the rest of my soft ball team when I get off from work.

My 2 beautiful girls had an amazing summer.. needless to say that the California trip was their highlight as well as mine. =)

Miss and Love all my friends back home.. especially Anita.. thanks for the late night phone calls that keep me in stitches and love to my friend in Maui... I hope you win big in Vegas this weekend!!

Omie and Emilio... you sick little twats... where have you been hiding? =) I think maybe Omie has grown up.. I haven't had a 3 am wake up call in a couple of months!! Am I missing... something? *LOL*

Till the waves roll over Colorado

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