Journal of leedoggpimp (2789)

Wednesday June 21, 06


03:17 PM

well i'm sure most of us have or have not contemplated the issue. i for one have brought myself to it many of times. sometimes i feel as if i didn't belong in this world. everyone is the same, there are no such things as individualists. television and radio are shit. the world we live in is crap. so what's there to live for? family members? half of them i don't even like. maybe suicide isn't that bad of an issue after all? but no, i won't brong myself to it. i'm sure there's something in life worth living for.

Wednesday July 23, 03


09:03 PM

Today i woke up tired as fuck while having to go to boring community college. yep, another boring semester of summer school for staring at some chicks ass all semester in psychology is what i'm paying for. well i'm taking allied health instead because psychology is too much work and i'am one lazy bastard. the class is pretty easy so it's not too stressful. after that i jerked off for a little bit and then i went to my girlfriend's house. it was pretty boring to say the least. her dogs are hairy as fuck and they smell like shit. i'm a dog lover myself but i do draw the line somewhere. well anyways, she got called into work at 5 so here i am. i'm listening to the smiths "london (live)" which i got off kazaa. it's a really good recording. i recommend everyone download it. well i'm tired and i'm gonna go to bed now.

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