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Wednesday September 01, 10

Well, it's only bricks and mortar

06:59 PM

Not even that. It's a beach house on stilts...and it's in danger of being blown away tomorrow night. We've all been evacuated on my little island. My car is packed. I literally had to go through my stuff and pick out what I wanted to keep - just in case there's nothing left after Hurricane Earl passes through. Other than important papers everything else is basically...you guessed it: James Dean and Morrissey. I left out my Morrissey vinyl collection for in the morning. Wouldn't won't those to melt. I also have some really old, original James Dean albums, too. They'll get shoved in last - along with Alex, Oliver's ashes and myself.

Thing is - you know it'll all be alright. We'll come back Friday and find everything in place.

Damn Hurricanes.

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