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Friday January 15, 10

There's something to it, I tells ya.

06:18 PM

Thank GOD! Mercury has turned direct...it's been three weeks in retrograde. Always very unpleasant when this happens. He won't turn tail again until 18 April, so there's time to straighten out things and breathe a little. This time it was in Capricorn which is my rising sign. AND there was an eclipse as well! No wonder I've been such a mess...well, more than usual, I mean.

For those who don't follow Astrology: When Mercury goes retrograde it brings back the past a little and always affects those who work in communication - like writers, teachers, commentators - even theives! Communication is disrupted, lots of misunderstandings come about...For instance: Morrissey is once again without a record deal AND Management.

Yep. Mercury Retrograde.

Also, the earthquake in Haiti - much like the one on 26 December 2004 that caused so much destuction in Southeast Asia - another good example. Well, a HORRIBLE example, really, but it just goes to show you that when Mercury is retrograde...nothing good EVER comes from it.

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