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Wednesday December 30, 09

Times Tide...

11:50 PM

Well, here we are. The end is near! Time's a'tickin' - better get started!

In this decade:

I've loved and lost: Chris (didn't see that one coming, did you?) [2001], my sweet Shih Tzu Oliver [2003], Martha - my dear friend and second mother [2006], my very good friend Angela [2009]

I moved from a mildly busy city to the coast where I found some peace and quiet, but I think I've had enough of it now. I'm looking to move to a city again. Which city, I'm not sure yet. I've even thought of moving to another state. CA, WA, and FL seem to be top of the list at the moment. FL is probably the winner by far, but who knows - maybe I'll just move to Raleigh or Wilmington. This will happen in late Summer of 2010.

I have become one of the best Estheticians a client could ever hope to meet. YES, I'm proud.

I had my first art show this decade - in 2001, in fact. It was fairly successful. I've had a few drab shows as well since then, but I always meet some of the most interesting people and they feed my ego and keep me painting on...

I had a lot of fun in 2005 playing "Stella" in A Streetcar Named Desire. I think I might have had my first love interest since Chris in that year, but because I delete my journal quite frequently, I can't check to see if that's certain.

I went to NYC last May and visited quite a few of James Dean's old hangouts. I even stayed at the Iroquios Hotel where he lived for a while back in the early 50's. This may seem silly, but it's important to me because I've been a fan for so very long and I've wanted to make the trip forever. I also saw my very first Broadway show - The Phantom of the Opera. Not my choice, but I really didn't have a voice in the matter. I was just happy to be there.

I FINALLY got to shake Morrissey's hand back in March at Myrtle Beach, SC. A task that took 20 years to complete! It nearly happened in 1997, but every time Moz reached for me, the kid next to me would jump up and knock my hand out of the way! After three times, Morrissey just gave up and walked away. Had I not been squished against the railing and unable to move, I think I would have killed that boy...But, anyway, YES, a gentle touch from the greatest man alive. I hope it happens again...

As for this year alone, it's been about 50/50, really. Only a few things happened that I wish to hold near to my heart forever. Otherwise, I'm happy to see the new year. A fresh new decade. I don't make resolutions anymore, but the one thing I've decided to never mention again is Chris. The fact that I spent so much time thinking about him and writing about him is enough to make me sick. Well, in fact, it did make me sick. So, I'm kicking him out. Gone for good. I'm happy just being who I am and I don't feel that I need another person to make me whole. 2010 and beyond I will concentrate on myself and working hard to find my place in this world - if there is a place (funny how I thought I would be there by now). I've met some great people and reconnected with old friends. What else do I need, really? Other than good health, I suppose. Well, a few more Morrissey shows will be nice :)

So, here's to 2010! May you keep safe, happy, and in good health!

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