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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOuHXQeEvvc I thought he'd age wisely use his ill-acquired fortune in a philanthropic way come to his senses and realize it was a gift (like life), not his, but he didn't, just kept trolling around the clock,just became more 'tarded and selfish with every tick tock... So I think Tony was right. And his best mate was intensely depressing too. A match made in self centered tarded heaven. So...from Tony and me...Be VERY happy. U.N.E.C.O.L.O.G.I.C.A.L.L.E.E.C.H.

Journal of favour (20114)

Saturday January 29, 11

If you tolerate this

02:59 AM

So Johnny has found the online forest petition I talked about a couple of months ago and tweets about it. Well, that's good.

Still, isn't it rather depressing? At the end of the working week, to check what those famous well-off, Hollywood-Bowl-filling Oscar-nominated guys have been up to? You'd think that they'd be able to ruffle a few more feathers than you to advance their causes, would you not?

I know it's pointless comparing, but still: at work, me and my colleagues closed a school for a couple of days to protest against violence(betwen pupils, but a teacher also got kicked in the back this week). We spent the whole of the second day talking to them in Assembly by age group. From the Principal to the lady that cleans the toilet, everybody let them know they'd had enough of the physical, verbal violence and the lack of respect.

And guess what? We lost pay over this, because that's not considered as education and protecting yourself and others from harm. No. Technically it's a strike.

Did we have a choice? No.

So you know, people worry about hunting, people worry about forests, but you check what they're doing about it, well, they're reissuing (plastic/paper) boxes of an old pointless song about looking to Los Angeles, worry about their (paper) biographies deals...Themselves, and Money, basically.

I didn't expect anything worthwhile from the laughable selfish retard, but I am rather disappointed in the down-to-earth one.

I still haven't seen "Inception".

I think it's because it's about dreaming, and I live in the real world, and the clock is ticking.

Saturday November 20, 10

...What was the bonus?

02:03 PM

...for being an icon? With an excellent percentage?

They got you a boyfriend? Wow. That's for their top salesman...

You must have sold extra stuff behind our backs...Do you have a stall at Camden Market on Sundays?


12:02 PM

...gladioli, necklaces, graves, bicycles, jeans, pendants, quiffs, your best mate, crisps, fosters, a house in London, the melody maker, sports cars, boxing, photographs, the good mixer, depression, perfume, Gene, the east l.a. interchange (maybe), mature californians, cereal, red wine, swimming pools, planes, swimming trunks, flip flops, the american way of life, sunglasses, a sofa, James Dean, an Imac, weak tea, journalists, LAweekly, a Dorchester suite, pictures of your arse, blokes shagging blokes, grey hair, new trainers...

and when it didn't work you even tried to sell us you weren't selling anything.

"this job comes with great benefits." -well, it must do...

Friday November 19, 10

there's nothing quite like

01:53 PM

...the sound of gay bourgeois retired contentment to start the week end.

Thank heavens for Silence! It might not last, but it's so nice to not be constantly interrupted!!


11:43 AM

I didn't do any lil waygggggne song today with Lenny (we did "giving directions in Deal" as planned instead) but I quoted a simplified translated version of Obama's speech:
"They might think they’ve got a pretty jump shot or a pretty good flow, but our kids can’t all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers. I want them aspiring to be a Supreme Court justice. I want them aspiring to be President of the United States of America."

when Lenny started rapping today (with my surname included in the lyrics), I just calmly said, look, about lil wayne B.O said...noise so I stopped- them "what did B.O. say? What did B.O. say?" "he said, if you can't be lil Wayne, just shuddafackup 'n stay in school, yo."

They pondered that for 35 seconds. THUMB UP YO and thank you for that tip.

Wednesday November 17, 10

no such things as signs.

02:43 PM

On Tuesday, some kid wrote "lil waygne" on the board. He's in my sld class or however you translate it (the kids who learn even less and behave even worse than the others/ with occasionally a star or two among them :-) )(normally you need a special certification and a helmet to teach them but that doesn't seem to bother anyone).
  He essentially spends his time telling me the story of his life (he likes me I think) and on bad days he pretends to be a porn star (vocally).

So anyway "lil waygne" no idea who he is really, wearing that t.shirt, does it mean I should introduce Lenny to a certain band?

Oh Lord, you doth moth in mysteriouth wayth.

I could play that song in class, we're not supposed to really teach those anything anyway,just keep them in warm classrooms out of police stations.
HIG or "we wish you a merry xmas", I doubt they're notice any difference.

Nah, Gonna have to play lil wayne, must be what it means.
Can't wait to google and see the lyrics...Not that they'll understand anything, I could tell them his songs are about bunnies having tea.

I could turn "lil waygggne" into a Beatrix Potter Experience....Mmmmmmmmmm.

Sunday November 14, 10

run for your life!

03:25 AM


Quickstep, Ann! Faster! Faster!

concert résumé

02:57 AM

It's gonna be a blank page this year. Almost got a ticket with my cha-cha but I was chatting with this bloke who had his mates inside the venue and had driven fours hours to be there on a whim when we were offered one and so I gallantly let him take it. Anyway standing there was starting to feel like a geriatric bypass.

Funny ticket-begging moment: this old black bloke saying his cousin was in one of the bands but not remembering which one, and all the bands line ups being I think totally white...

So anyway, going to a cheap fun-looking concert in smallish venues requires months of planning ahead nowadays (I tried getting a ticket on Tuesday.).You can only attend if you're a student, a foreigner taking a year off, a photographer, or if you work for a record label.

The older working masses are supposed to pay 80 euros to go see Muse in a stadium or something. I get it. We're not supposed to have fun, taste, and go and see bands just to relieve the boredom of the working week because we have nothing better to do...

You sort of understand people who wanted to be part of a punk band entourage in NY. They didn't want to have go and see Muse later on in their life.
  Then again, maybe it's best they didn't go, because they would have become a raging homo instead of a quiet one and would have died of AIDS at 42.

They picked the middle route, the rock n'troll life without the drawbacks, which probably means they can get in anywhere for free, nananannanana ("Blur is reforming!") and see young bands they're too old for.

Whereas if you do that at 50 and you're just a normal working bloke, it looks like a pedo looking for prey at a Justin Bieber Recital.

Actually... come to think of it, it does look like that all the time, famous or not. :-)

It's rock n' roll to ignore what you look like in a venue full of youngsters (or standing outside trying to get a ticket)

Wild life. You be Nancy, I be Sid.


Saturday November 13, 10

fyi, it's world kindness day.

03:43 AM

I didn't know, so I've just had a subtle go at a colleague who got on my nerves a bit yesterday.

I guess that was just bad luck.



Is your boxer behaving?

01:28 AM

Myself I wanted to go see a boxer rebellion tonite and more particularly scientists (who I hope don't experiment on animals) but it's sold out. So I shall go there , stand on my hind legs, maybe dance a little paso-doble, do pleading eyes and beg, in the hope that someone will throw me a ticket out of pity or disgust.

The things we animals have to do to see a gig these days! It's not right...

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