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Sunday December 19, 10

so here it is merry christmas everybody's having fun(slade)

09:01 PM

how many calories in a whole bottle of Bailey's, I wonder? cuz I've just about finished one... yum-MEEE...
the tree is up... the stockings are hung, cheesy christmas lights have been strung around the bookcase and the tv... and here I am, enjoying my Bailey's and carols and Ab-Fab - don't know why but Ab-Fab has become my Christmas staple.

still doesn't feel like christmas though - but I think it won't anymore... really, I think I've spent every Christmas for the past 5 or so, wondering why it don't feel like Christmas and the truth is that whatever "that" feeling was, it's just gone. So no use in trying to get it back.

I have a few things still to go out and buy - I haven't even started Christmas shopping truth be told, but I've got a week off of work so I'm sure I'll get to it.
Why is it though, that people won't let you just browse in peace? 3 different occasions recently, I've been looking for something vague in a store and I've had multiple people ask me: Can I help you? now, normally, I ignore them, and just say, "No thanks." However, recently, I've actually been looking for something so I answer these people with, "Yes; can you help me find ____?" and these people don't know where it is either - so now I'm wandering around stores with company, as we BOTH look for _____. Just leave me to it, thank you very much.... If I'm going to wander around, I'd prefer to do it alone.

in other news, I've got a new job - at my old job. Basically, they had called in some sort of "efficiency management" company to do an "assessment" of our departmetn and after their assessment, they've decided to split my team into 2 and move half of us to another department. I'm not happy and I'm not sad.... It's a new challenge, etc. etc. etc. and all that jazz (thank god I'm getting a new boss - holy crap is that good news) - but in reality, all I can think is, hey, at least I ain't getting laid off...
and I'm taking two of my previous team with me, so that's a plus.
also, I believe one opf my neighbors is availing himself of prostitutes... there are a number of young women coming and going - all very strange. One of them was walking down the alley as I drove in and she kept glancing over her shoulder at me - I wanted to yell out, "I live here all right? just parking - pay no attention to me." Some of them stay for a few days, some of them come over only once... I'll see them out on the balcony smoking and/or leaving in the morning...Because now, I have no idea who lives there anymore - originally, it was a muslim couple, then some asian girls were about, now it's the original dude and these random chicks...I've taken it upon myself to investigate.
I wonder if anyone has been investigating me? probably not - too boring.

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  • I know what you mean about it not feeling like Christmas! Feel the same way myself & no present shopping done yet either. Don't feel that bothered. I'm sure I'll get into a state on Christmas Eve & totally freak out!!
    M-in-Oz -- Monday December 20 2010, @03:33AM (#360386)
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    • Re:ditto by everybody's lost (Score:1) Wednesday December 22 2010, @08:36AM

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