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Thursday February 05, 09

rockin bones...

03:07 PM

"I wanna leave a happy memory
when I go, I wanna leave something
to let the whole world know,
that the rock-n-roll daddy has
a done passed on, but my bones
will keep a rockin' long after I've gone

Roll on
Rock on
Raw Bones
Well I still got all the rythem in these
Rockin' Bones

Well when I die don't you bury
me at all, Just nail my bones up on
the wall, Beneath these bones let
these words be seen, "This is the
bloody gears of a
boppin' machine"

Roll on
Rock on
Raw Bones
Well I still got all the rythem in these
Rockin' Bones

And I worry about tomorrow just
thinkin' about tonight, My bones are
getting restless and I do it up right,
A few more times around a hardwood
floor, Before we turn off the lights and
close the door...."

I was singing a Cramps song in my head last night when I thought I'd check my emails before bed....
"what color panties are you wearing? what color panties are you wearing?? what color panties are you wearing?????
and... how long have you been wearing them??"

I sang to myself as i danced down the hall.... of all the songs.... and I plopped down and read about Lux Interior dying....

to be honest, I've never known too much ABOUT The Cramps themselves - I have 2 or 3 of their cd's and I love them.... and for a prude like me, they bring a strange fascination :) just great stuff....
I did see that they were touring a few years ago, i was looking them up and I saw that they had played shows near me... I was kind of sad to have missed them, but then I thought, well, I don't think I'd actually GO - they're so intense-like - so crazy seeming - it was all very intimidating and I thought I'd feel out of place....
I didn't even much know what they looked like up until yesterday - their CD covers were blurred - flamejob has Ivy in a mask on the cover... I didn't know where they were from or how old they were.... and I never thought to find out either....
they were always sort of faceless, ageless, alien.... and that really worked well for me. and add to that, no one i know knows who they are - they were like my own little secret - my twisted version of rockabilly....

so I never had the urge to see them live - but damn - did I like their sound....
this morning as "Inside Out and Upside Down With You" shuffled on my ipod on the drive to work, instead of my usual bouncy rockin sing-a-long, I listened to it with sadness....
"I'd like to go around the world with you.... I'd like to lick the bottoms of your feet... and drink fizzy booze from your shoes.... inside out and upside down with you...."

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