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Wednesday April 17, 02


11:57 AM

Is it me, or did this site become a bit crap recently? I'm referring to the standard and tone of the comments on the main stories. If I had time to kill, I'd let these people infuriate me into writing long responses. As it is, I just sigh and move on. I'm talking in particular about the whole NME poll thing. The discussion was irrelevant, pointless, offensive even. And the stuff about his new drummer. Just really not interesting.

The journals area is the only regularly-updated section worth visiting these days.

Hope everyone is doing well. It's 80 or 90 degrees or something in NYC. My office has air conditioning, fortunately.

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  • I was horrified at the comments about Dean Butterworth. I think it's ridiculous how judgemental people can be. I guess they all have inferiority complexes, and it gives them some false sense of importance to post nasty, unnecessary remarks.
    Violeta -- Wednesday April 17 2002, @03:29PM (#28317)
    (User #1820 Info)
    swivel and sway
  • it's horrible, it's horrible, internet could have been such a nice thing but...
    Anyway, don't let yourself to be annoyed by that and have a nice day :)
    Havfine -- Thursday April 18 2002, @03:37AM (#28343)
    (User #284 Info)
    "Have you forgotten how to love yourself?" Red House Painters

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