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Thursday September 02, 10

What's Up?

02:05 PM

That's all I have to say. Just retrieved all my Smiths and Moz vinyl. Haven't spun it yet but that will be a nice way to waste a few hours huh.

Friday November 03, 06

Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

04:49 AM

Is anyone familiar with this track by Sparks?

It seems to me Morrissey was rather heavily influenced by it!

Particularly 'Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference', which seems to borrow the mood as well as quite a few of the song's elements and instrumentation.

Wednesday March 01, 06

You have killed me

10:23 AM

I saw the video on Channel 4. The vid was quite fun but the song was distinctly underwhelming. Let's hope he has saved the good stuff for the album. Glam it up.

Wednesday December 08, 04

So What's Happening?

09:11 AM

Come on, it has only been about 2 years. What's going on? I didn't even buy 'Quarry'. Worth the cash?

Has anyone else seen 'Miller's Crossing' and noticed the similarity between the 'Quarry' cover and a certain tableau of Albert Finney with a Tommy Gun?

Friday December 27, 02

I'm back

01:45 PM

Hello. I lost my password and didn't remember to get it again until now. Things are pretty much the same. Quite good. I'm blowing town in a few months. Moving to sunny Scotland I think.

The Smiths event at Cinema Classics should be fun. Be sure to attend.

Thursday June 20, 02

New Songs

01:53 PM

I didn't enjoy 'please help the cause against loneliness' much, but I never liked the Sandie Shaw version much anyway, so that wasn't surprising. The instrumental outtake session of the mystery song was really rather cool though. I wish the recording was of more listenable quality - the music sounded great.

Up the England.

Wednesday June 12, 02

Right Margin, wrong score

01:47 PM

Still, I'm glad England won. Kind of amazing to think that France and Argentina are no longer in the competition. I wonder if the same will happen to Italy...

It's been quite a while since I listened to any Morrissey or Smiths. I did do a mix of 'oscillate wildly' and the james bond theme recently, inspired by an anonymous comment on this site. Let me know if you would like to hear it...

Thursday June 06, 02

Argentina vs England

01:46 PM

My prediction (ok, my hope):

Argentina 2, England 3

Vassell to come on as a sub and score the winner.

Friday April 19, 02


07:33 AM

Saint Etienne really are an excellent band. I've been enjoying listening to their 'Smash the System' 2 CD compilation every day at work this week. It has to be said, though, when I was really into Morrissey and The Smiths, I didn't like them much at all.

They were ahead of my time, so to speak, and now I really like them. I guess they hook in more with my liking of Joy Division/New Order and Pet Shop Boys.

It really is very pleasant summer music. Their are dozens of great songs, but perhaps 'Nothing can stop us' is my current favorite, with fantastic use of great Dusty Springfield instrumental sample.

Wednesday April 17, 02


10:57 AM

Is it me, or did this site become a bit crap recently? I'm referring to the standard and tone of the comments on the main stories. If I had time to kill, I'd let these people infuriate me into writing long responses. As it is, I just sigh and move on. I'm talking in particular about the whole NME poll thing. The discussion was irrelevant, pointless, offensive even. And the stuff about his new drummer. Just really not interesting.

The journals area is the only regularly-updated section worth visiting these days.

Hope everyone is doing well. It's 80 or 90 degrees or something in NYC. My office has air conditioning, fortunately.

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