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Thursday January 13, 05

what I do for a career

01:32 AM

I will have worked at the same place for 10 years this coming June. LAUNCH started out publishing CD-ROMs with music content and then later focused on delivering the content on the website. It was bought by Yahoo! in 2001. There have been a lot of ups and downs and it's always been hectic.

I work with the coolest and smartest people in the business, that's been the best part of it. I really can't say enough about the fellow engineers I've worked with, it's really been a great honor and I'm always learning something new.

Main responsibilities have been backend UNIX programming to integrate with Yahoo!'s technology and some site pages but everything once again is being changed since Yahoo! recently bought another music related company, MusicMatch. So look for some big changes and exciting things from Yahoo! music this year. Here are some recent pages I've worked on / currently maintain:

Who's Next?

Year In Music 2004

Official Dixie Chicks site

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  • David..

    Much more importantly, what do you do OUTSIDE working hours!??
    Surely you are not a slave to your trade.
    mick ransommich -- Thursday January 13 2005, @07:05AM (#146912)
    (User #8642 Info)
    'Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference'.
  • David,
      I guess I just wanted to say congratulations, and thanks for everything. Maintaining this website must eat up so much time, energy, and, at times, I'm sure it's emotionally/mentally exhausting in some ways. Yet, you do it all without a complaint.
      I really admire that, and I admire you for all you do -- and all you put up with! :)

    Thanks again, and, even though it's a cliche', it's true -- keep up the good work!

    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Thursday January 13 2005, @08:26AM (#146915)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
  • Thanks for taking all the fun out of the general discussion forum with the new format.
    Also, thanks for employing the most stupid and petty site users as moderators. they really are a credit to you.
    Freedom of speech / expression have disappeared from this site and any true individuals are quickly moderated out of existence on the general discussion forum, or banned from the site altogether, as i have read has happened to people in the past.
    All this is surprising, given that Morrissey himself has never pulled any punches and always says exactly what is on his mind, which means he would probably be silenced or banned were he to ever post on here, and some of the more deluded site users actually think that he does!
    Lighten up David, it's only a fan site for a singer, and the arguing and battles of wit that go on are all part and parcel of a successful forum.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 13 2005, @11:05AM (#146936)
  • Round here (Score:2, Interesting)

    The pages you've created look great and work perfectly, though I can't say the content is to my liking. What people listen to these days :)

    Here you enjoy creative freedom in determining both the technology and the content. I'm sure that's a precious and guarded privilege at Launch.

    Tough I'm sure millions are using the pages (and the technology behind them), you've helped to create at Launch, no one knows who did all the hard work. I think a promotion is in order :)

    Know that people here are aware of and acknowledge the wonderful work you do.

    The fact you have found a work place, which you enjoy coming to everyday and have great people to work with and learn from, is also a great privilege. Not a lot of people can say that.

    Didn't MusicMatch have a media player, at the time when they were popping like mushrooms?
    I've lost track of the company since then.

    I have a great idea that I'm sure would interest Launch and Yahoo. I had it programmed at the time of the Internet boom, but then the bubble burst. Maybe we can talk about it sometime, if you're interested.

    The new banners look great, they already are a natural part of the website.

    Thanks again for using one of mine, I'm truly honored.
    nonesoever -- Thursday January 13 2005, @11:56AM (#146950)
    (User #8448 Info)
    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • hey david,

    ive been a subscriber to my launchcastmusic plus for years! I love it!

    i'm looking for a job, any openings there?

    Anonymous -- Thursday January 13 2005, @01:34PM (#146966)
  • I thought I should tell you I tried those links David, but they didn't seem to work, and I just got a blank page, apart from the Dixie Chicks one, which, unfortunately, was the only one I was kind of hoping wouldn't work and that would be a blank page.
    Tales From The Dark <[email protected]> -- Thursday January 13 2005, @07:02PM (#147006)
    (User #8162 Info)
    • Re:The Links! by Marisela (Score:1) Thursday January 13 2005, @08:15PM
  • I never thought about what a perfect mesh your side project, m-solo is with your regular job. Musician websites, an exact match. nice.

    I wonder if the Sales people at launch ever pitched to Morrisseys record company, to have his official site hosted there? That'd would have been funny if before morrisseymusic, he signed to Launch and you were designing m-solo and the offcial site meant to compeate with it. ha. I guess it could happen yet.
    Smiths <reversethis-{moc ... a} {2eporhtdniw}> -- Saturday January 15 2005, @11:56AM (#147197)
    (User #215 Info)

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