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Saturday August 14, 10

well I wonder

04:24 PM

is there actually anyone, anyone at all, who feels fully understood...?

Beckett said that there are only three certainties in life -

and our need to attempt to communicate...

(note the use of the word 'attempt')

Saturday February 06, 10

i was looking for a job and then i found a job

01:03 PM

....and then i got the sack...

it came as quite a surprise - first time i've been sacked in years. They were very polite about it though - and paid me in full for the whole contract anyway.

I have another job already - so no drama here, nothing to see..

Friday November 27, 09

and a strange dust

07:05 PM

..lands on your hands and on your face...

just thinking..

about how...

when i've seen Morrissey perform 'Everyday is like Sunday'

maybe a dozen times...

each time...

when he sings the line

"and on your face..."


and everyone sings it with him...

we all have our own reasons.

and how much it means

to us

Monday January 12, 09


04:25 PM

So I was at the local supermarket in a queue with about three people in front of me- and the people on the tills were being really slow -

And the pissed off bloke standing in front of me turns round and says:

"this is worse than lining up for your christmas dinner in prison."

which is a pretty odd opening line..

so I mumbled "yeah" having no experience of prison whatsoever and not really understanding what he was going on about...

and then he said : "last year in Wandsworth Nick I jumped over the fence, went into the kitchens, and made my own fucking christmas dinner."

And he had a gleam in his eye like he was remembering it all really clearly, and like he was either just about to kill someone... or he was thinking about killing someone some time in the near future...

I mumbled another : "Yeah?"

Hoping it wouldn't encourage him.

But he hadn't finished. He looked me directly in the eye, and very loudly said: "YOU know what I mean, don't YOU?"

Which I can only think means that there is something about me that looks 'ex-con.'

And this is a pretty depressing thought..

then the queue started moving and he was shouting at the cashiers..

and then later, when I went outside, I saw that he was shouting at a Pigeon, a telephone box, traffic, and himself. And he was holding a banana pretending it was his knob.

Happy new year everyone.

Saturday September 27, 08

last time

03:48 PM

Last time I was here I must have deleted all of my journal entries- can't remember why. (I doubt it's any great loss to humanity though.)

So, I've been watching all these TV programmes where celebrities look up their family trees, and discover that their great great great great uncles chopped down trees in Slovakia - and all that type of thing...

So - I took my lead from the celebs - we all need somone to look up to... and I was looking up my family tree - seeing how far back I could trace my line - and guess what? I'm directly related to Jesus - (on my mother's side) and he wants me for a sunbeam. (I'm not averse to the idea.)

Imagine my surprise!

Funny old world.

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